Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities

VanMar offers rewarding student opportunities, providing meaningful work in a variety of fields. You can expect hands-on, real-life experiences to broaden and develop your skills. You will accelerate your skillset working alongside construction and business professionals, whether on the jobsite or in the office. VanMar values the contributions of all its employees to building projects of the highest quality. At VanMar, you will be valued in your role as an important member of our team.

VanMar Student Co-operative Educational Experience Program

VanMar works with a variety of secondary schools, colleges, and universities to provide secondary and post-secondary students with the opportunity to integrate academic learning with paid work experience. Ultimately, the goal of our student Co-Operative Education Program is to give students the opportunity to broaden and develop their skills through repetitive co-op terms, and eventually hire them for full-time opportunities upon graduation.

At VanMar, we don’t just build buildings; we build rewarding careers. We recognize that students are the future of our industry, making this program an integral part of VanMar’s future success and growth.

We offer experience in a variety of fields and a range of co-op durations. Students may apply through their school program coordinator.

VanMar has a highly experienced team that will coach any motivated individual to learn and excel in their career and become part of a hardworking and successful business.

— John H. Assistant Project Manager
(Former Co-op Student)

VanMar is an excellent company to work for. Employees are treated very well and hard work and potential doesn’t go unnoticed.

— Nathan V. Project Manager
(Former Co-op Student)

VanMar has given me an opportunity to learn from so many experienced people. The whole team has been generous in sharing knowledge and supporting my growth.

— Andrew B. Co-op Student

Summer Work for Students

A summer work opportunity at VanMar is great exposure to the construction industry and to a variety of experiences and leaders that will allow you to round out your areas of expertise and expedite your career growth.

You can expect to receive clear guidelines, proper training, and opportunities to apply what you’ve learned. You can also expect our commitment to your safety.

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