The Metalworks Phase 1
Market Housing

Project Information

Location: 5 Arthur Street South, Guelph, ON

Start: Fall 2015

Completion: Fall 2016

Budget: $30,500,000

Principles Involved:
  • Owner: Fusion Homes
  • Construction: VanMar Constructors Inc.
  • Architect: Kirkor Architects

Contact: Lee Piccoli (Owner) Fusion Homes 500 Hanlon Creek Blvd, Guelph, ON, N1C 0A1 Phone: 519-826-6700

Description of Project:
  • VanMar is the Constructor Manager for this project.
  • VanMar is involved in the design process to assist Fusion with designing a functional yet economic building.
  • VanMar provides construction cost estimates as the design develops.
  • 1 level of underground parking.
  • 10 floors of residential housing.
  • Street fronting townhouses.
  • Masonry block structural walls and hollow concrete floors.
  • Flat roofing.
  • Combination of brick, stone, precast, curtain wall exterior.
Team Members
  • Art Van Maren (VanMar)
  • David Coulter (VanMar)